Out of Lab Experience

October 27–30, 2020

Thank you for joining the Media Lab's OoLE event! Please continue to browse new research (via the research tab at the top of this page) and register for our November sessions. Our Big Picture sessions are archived here, and you can watch them anytime. We look forward to hosting another member meeting soon! 

Be sure to bookmark this event page and share widely with your colleagues. The navigation bar at the top of this page will give you access to the registration form for our November sessions, and the Member Portal which you must be signed in to when you want to see videos of new research. Each faculty member has recorded a 10 minute video overview of their recent work.

Big Picture Sessions

The World we Build, Equitable Technology

Today's society is characterized by inequity. Statistics show that some identity groups, such as non-white racial groups in the United States, consistently experience harm in areas such as housing, health, and employment because of long term patterns of discrimination by institutions and individuals. Technology creates a tension in the search for equity. Watch...

The World we Build, Resilience Across Scales

The world is experiencing three simultaneous stresses: a public health crisis, civil unrest, and near Depression-level unemployment. Climate change will likely create a series of additional shocks in a post-pandemic world. The fragility of many 21st-century systems has been exposed, from broken supply chains to inequitable access to health care and education. Watch...

The World we Build, Radical Sustainability

The pursuit of sustainability and responses to global climate change are existential questions for today's society to which we must find inspiring answers. A vision for a sustainable future imagines communities from local to global finding the balance between social, economic, and environmental equity. Watch...

Background Video: Zach Lieberman, Future Sketches group