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Big Picture Session


The World we Build: Resilience Across Scales

Image: Jim Desautels / Unsplash

Hosted by Kent Larson

Hosted by Kent Larson. A captioned recording will be posted to this page shortly. 

The world is experiencing three simultaneous stresses: a public health crisis, civil unrest, and near Depression-level unemployment. Climate change will likely create a series of additional shocks in a post-pandemic world. The fragility of many 21st-century systems has been exposed, from broken supply chains to inequitable access to health care and education.

This session will explore resilience at three scales: Human: How can humans become more physically and emotionally resilient? Community: How can we increase the social and environmental resilience of the communities where we live and work? Society: How can we improve economic and public health resilience at the global scale?

We will also discuss essential prerequisites for resilience at all scales: Trust: The importance of building trust in order to collectively address challenges in life. Communication: Why new ways of communicating and consensus building are essential in a polarized world. Education: The need for more effective and equitable learning platforms in order to make informed decisions in a complex world.

Guest speakers include: Rosalind Picard, Deb Roy, Mitch Resnick, Tenzin Priyadarshi, and Norman Foster.